[Team Two] Only in My Dreams: Chapter One

This is an original of mine. It's my first time posting a story that's an original of mine. This is only the first chapter or more of part of it, and I still have a long way to go but I am happy to share it with everyone and plan to continue to write more chapters and develop the story and characters more. I'd like to make it a story that people can enjoy. <3
aleena_mokoia you're up next.
Touma rises to his feet with determination in his steps, his lips descend...onto nothing. A figment drifts in his imagination as he lets out a sigh. The bed felt empty, the air cold, and he could barely remember the last time he felt whole. Without Haru by his side, his life felt meaningless. Hollow. All he could do was repeat the same words over and over in his head. ‘Why? Why couldn’t it have been me? Why did you leave me behind?’ He could replay those words in his head, he could shout until his voice grew hoarse, but he would never get an answer. How could he? The one he longed for was no longer there. He didn’t just walk out the door. He didn’t break up with him...he was simply gone. As if he never existed.

Touma lets out a deep sigh. He knows that it will do him no good to stay cooped up. He has to get some fresh air and try to be around other people. He needs an escape from his thoughts and all of the memories that suffocate him at home. A glutton for punishment, he shifts his gaze to the end table and is suddenly looking at Haru again, so happy in the photo taken just 3 months ago. Such a goofy smile, Touma briefly smiles despite the pain the memory brings. And that hoodie, worn so much that the cat’s tail was peeling off. He glances at the ring on Haru’s finger, the ring Touma had given him for their first anniversary.
“Haru...I’m trying. I am. I promised you that I would continue living on for you. That I would smile. That...I would finish our story in your place but Haru...it’s hard.” Touma hangs his head, feeling tears tugging at the edge of his eyes.

Grabbing a tissue from the box on the table, Touma wipes away his tears. It didn't feel like a month had passed since Haru passed away. It was still fresh in his mind, even now. Their last day together in particular stuck out in his memories. At the time, he had thought they had more time so he wasn't prepared for what was to come.

The day had started out like any other. The leaves on the trees had begun to change color, the first sign of fall. It was Haru's favorite season. On the stand that was beside the hospital bed were photos of the two of them along with one of Haru and his sister, Sayuri. There were cards spread across from friends, family, and fans. In front of the window sill was fresh flowers. It had been a particularly rough day for Haru the day before so he had spent the night there.

Tears fall again as he recalls the memory. He could remember Haru taking his hand, brushing his thumb against his skin. Haru’s words to him then would always be engraved in his mind “These last 2 weeks have meant so much to me, Tou-Chan. I can’t think of anything else that I want more than this moment here, sitting with you in this boring hospital room. You’re all I need, all I ever needed. Could you promise me one thing? My one wish is that even when I'm gone that you won't give up. I don't you to be sad when you think of me. I hope that you can smile thinking of our memories. And...I'd like you to finish our story. I love you, Tou-Chan, thank you for giving me the best years of my life.” He could remember the warm smile that was on Haru's face at the time and wondering how he was able to stay so positive, even as he turned his head and passed away.

Letting out another sigh, Touma uses his weight to push down onto the bed to stand up, swaying as he did from being lightheaded. Lack of sleep and barely eating was taking a toll on him. He trudges towards his kitchen and opens the fridge, and stares at a bottle of water and an unmarked container of leftover curry. He reaches in, hand moving slightly toward the curry, but grabs the water instead. His eyes stay on the curry a second longer. How long has that been there? He almost jumps when he hears his phone ring, the bottle in his hand almost slipping out of his hands. He follows the ringtone, finding his phone on his nightstand, his heart sinking when he saw the name that was displayed across it. It was Haru’s sister. She had taken to checking in on him every day, without fail. Something even his own family didn’t. He waits until the ringing stops and, sure enough, he hears the telltale sound of a voicemail being left, and not long after, a text.

Sayuri: Touma-Kun, have you eaten? Did you get enough sleep? I made a bit too much food and was wondering if I could stop over to drop off the leftovers. I know that you don’t want to talk. I know you feel like you have to take this on alone, but I want you to know that I am here whenever you need me. Anytime you need me.

Touma throws the phone on the couch and takes a drink of water. “You and Haru were always worried about others. Never thinking of yourselves first. I don’t know what you two saw in a loser like me.” He stops and looks at this phone. Despite his bitter words, he cherished the messages he got. It got him through the day. It reminded him that he still had someone out there that was thinking of him. But he couldn’t face her. Not yet. She reminded him too much of Haru.

[Team Two] My Light in the Darkness

So this is the first fanfic I've ever posted online for others to read. A little nervous! Hope it came out okay.
Title: My Light in the Darkness
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
Pairing: Gon/Killua
Rating: PG, mostly just fluff and thoughts.
Summary: Killua is thinking of Gon, of the words that he wishes he could say, but can't.

As many times as he wants to say something, somehow he never could. It always got stuck halfway in his throat but no matter how hard he tried to get it out it just stayed there. It was something he knew his spiky haired best friend would be able to say with no problem at all. It’s one of the things that he admired. How Gon was able to say what was on his mind without caring what others thought. Some might have seen that as being too blunt or careless, but to him, it was just Gon being Gon.

“Killua? Are you feeling okay?” He shakes out of his thoughts when he feels a poke to his shoulder, and turns his attention to his friend. There it was, that infectious smile of his, that no matter what dark thoughts may have crossed his mind they just simply melted away when he saw Gon smile. He was his light, the one thing in his life that gave him purpose.

He smiles and shakes his head. “I was just thinking about something. Nothing to worry about, wasn’t anything important.” It was a white lie, but he did mean it. That he didn’t want to worry Gon, it was an issue that he needed to work out on his own. He watches as Gon looks him over, as if to see if he could tell if he was telling the truth. When he didn't ask anything further he knew that his lie had passed.

Sorry Gon...I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like I’m worthy to say these words. Gon, you are my light while I’m the dark. Sometimes I feel that you’re too bright and I can't look at you. I feel that if I get too close, that my darkness would wash over you. Even so...can I still stay by your side? I don’t want to ask for more than that. So...these words I have buried deep, while they may never see the light of day, will always stay with me. ‘I love you’...as simple as those words are to say in my head, I feel unworthy to say them. For now, I just want to stay by your side, that’s all I can ask for.

Next up is aleena_mokoia

Slowly coming back

So I noticed it's been two or three years since I last posted on my livejournal. @_@ I didn't stay away from livejournal for those 2 to 3 years, I still logged on, but it seems it was just to go to my friends pages or the groups I'm in lol.

Not much off an update, I still work at the same job, with the exception that it's a different store, well location. My husband and I now have a new apartment, which is a lot more roomy, and really like our landlords. They're very nice, and even allowed us to have pets, for free. Sadly, I lost my cat Chip last year to cancer, but I still have his twin brother Dale and two new additions. There's my white ferret Kirara and my black kitten, Puck which I named after two anime/manga characters: Puck from Berserk and Puck from Re:Zero.

As for interests, the list has gotten much bigger @_@ at least bands wise, especially kpop bands. As for my j-bands, it's pretty much the same, though SMAP is gone and Kat-Tun seems to keep getting smaller and smaller : (

I'm looking forward to March and April, one for Genericon, an anime Convention in Troy NY, and the other is a trip to NYC to see the museums and Cherry Blossom Festival. :3 Also my best friend will be coming to NY in a few months, so will be really good to get to see her. It's been way too long.
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Been a while

I feel like I haven't been on livejournal in forever. Sorry everyone, been so busy with everything that I don't really get to go online as much as I use to. While I am home most of the time, if I'm not working, I'm spending a lot of my time sleeping due to my work schedule *sighs* Though I'm trying something new where I sleep four hours during the day and four at night so I can actually do things during the day, like getting to spend time with my husband. It was hard getting to spend time with him or anyone sleeping the day away because of work : /

I'm really enjoying so far living in Queensbury, it definitely makes it a lot easier to get to things or to see people, well at least more than I use to. Of course in January we have to look for another apartment, but this time hoping we find a place I can get a cat again. We're hoping to try to find another place in Queesbury of course, and hopefully next semester I can get back to collage. Maybe then I'll get out of my slump of actually being more productive. I really need to get back into drawing again, I use to love it so much but now it takes a lot just to get me into the mood to do it.
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Been Forever

Sorry everyone for disappearing for so long x_x. Been so busy. The last time I wrote in here was a while before my wedding, so it's been about close to 9 months since I've written anything, but I'm finally got motivation to write again~ A lot of the credit goes to Eri-Chan, thankies!!

So, for starters, Jon and I are married now, and are planning on moving in a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to having our own place, and to live somewhere that actually has things to do. Of course will be closer to friends and college. I look forward to transferring to another Price Chopper, will be a good change. I already have a few people that want to help us move, will be fun especially doing the little projects with Eri-Chan. I love my friends <3

So...I have some new obsessions, and...I BLAME ERI-CHAN!! lol but I love her for it. B.A.P. & BTs <3

I'm thinking of finally getting off my butt, and writing the fic ideas I've had for a long time, and some new ones. I'm definitely going to need a lot of help to edit what I write and tips on how to write better.

A few fic pairings I want to do, but need help with ideas for are:

Tackey & Tsubasa
Sho x Ohno (Arashi)
Jonghyun x Key (Shinee)
Fujigaya x Kitayama (kis-my-ft2)
Koyama x Shige (News)
Bang x Him (B.A.P.-once I know them a lil more)
Hikaru x Yabu (Hey Say Jump)
Yoko x Aiba (kanjani8 & Arashi)
Koyama x Nakamaru (news & kat tun)
Shingo (Smap) x Yamapi
Yamapi x Tackey

(will add others as I think of them)

So if anyone has any ideas for any of them, would love to hear them :)

Wedding is almost here

So...about 53 more days until mine and Jon's wedding. I can't believe it's almost here already, getting excited, though at the same time nervous as well. It's a big step and will open a new chapter in our life. While it has been a bit stressful trying to get things done and together, it's slowly coming together. Still have some things to take care of, but hopefully it all turns out alright.
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So, going to Connecticut on Dec. 7th and will be there until the 15th, super excited about it XD First two days I'll be with family, my grandparents and then giving my aunt a surprise birthday party, should be fun and will good to see family I rarely get to see since I live in NY (state, not the city). On the 8th, after the party I'll be going to my best friends house, whose birthday is the next day and will be staying with her the rest of them time. Will be nice to get to spend time with my best friend, hard living so far apart. Plan on talking to her about mine and my fiance's wedding since she's my maid of honor, as well as hanging out of course : )

Nothing really new in the video game area, haven't had any time to work on the games I'm stuck on due to work sadly : ( One day I'll get some time to work on them, hopefully I won't be lost at what's going on in them anymore lol.

Finally got to start the forth season of the series Castle <3 Already on the last dvd, then I'll just have to catch up on season 5 :D

Johnny's wise, I feel so far behind with all of my bands. :( Really should get myself to write those fanfics I've started and just stopped writing...really bad at that.

Btw, love News new song and pv:

Another video I really fell in love with is Mikako Joho, whom I saw perform at Otakon. : )

And this is probably one of my favorite songs at the moment:
Monsters by Shingo Katori & Yamashita Tomahisa.
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Sorry I don't update this more, really need to work on a fanfic, I complain about being bored, when I could always write a fanfic lol...I procrastinate way too much. I have ideas, but then I always say so many negative things about how I wrote it that I lose confidence to put it online : / So...going to try and get the courage to finish one, post it and get help from others on here on what I need to work on : )

In the work portion of my life, things have been looking up a little more. In a new section, while I still run register, I also do tags and learning the computer system, it's kind of interesting. Like having a bit more range of things to do, and been having more hours lately, which is always nice.

Drama wise: Behind in most, but did find two that I really like right now.
This one is called Ma Boy:(think it's only 3 episodes though)
Ma Jang Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) is a student at an arts high school who dreams of becoming a pop singer. At school She gets a new roommate, Irene (Sun Woong) who’s actually a boy. Irene’s persona is a pretty Female CF star and his actual name is Hyun Woo.
The second drama I just started is Monster with Yamapi and Shingo from Smap:
Katori’s role will be a detective at the First Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Department, named ’Hiratsuka Heihachi’ who is cheap, makeshift, meticulous, and rude man, though he always puts a smile on his face and is an extremely civil-spoken person. Hiratsuka exposes a person’s hidden face and the true nature of human relations, and solves cases by brazenly getting to the core of the person. On the other hand, Yamashita’s role ‘Saionji Kosuke’ is a pure and honest rookie detective who is a son of noble family and filled with strong morals. Those two will team up, and make a convexo-concave combination.

Anime Wise:
Code: Breaker
K Project:
Sword Art Online:
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun:
Zetsuen no Tempest:

Video Game Wise:
Still stuck on the same ones, though ones I'm working on more is Tales of Graces F, Dynasty Warriors 7, Persona 3 for the Psp and Final Fantasy 13-2.

Johnny's Wise:
Lately, mostly due to my friend, Eri-Chan, been more and more into Kanjani8. Been a fan of Yokoyama for a long time, but it was really just him and Ryo since I loved News, but now I really like Kanjani8 and found that I really love Yasu and Subaru a lot too! Love them all, but those two and Yoko the most.
<3 Arashi's new album popcorn! The album cover is so cute and silly.
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Been a while

So it's been a long time since I've updated this so thought 'might as well', lol. On the work front, I no longer am only on register, now I'm part of the Price Change crew, which is a nice change. I actually enjoy it, well except when I can't find something, but other than that, been liking it so far. Got a raise when Donna began there so that was nice too.

School wise, still have to wait to go back to college, miss it though. Most of my friends have finished or gone onto their next colleges, so will be a little lonely when I go back, but that won't deter me, I want to finish my schooling.

As for life outside of work and school, Jon and I are finally going to get married ^_^ June 2013! Excited about it, though a lot of work ahead of us. A little nervous too, it's a big step for the two of us, but it makes me happy, I don't think I've ever known someone that has made me feel the way that he does. I want to spend the rest of my life with him, no guy has ever understood me like he does. He's understanding, patient, loves anime, manga and games like I do, smart, funny, my love. <3

Now, for show wise, been into more non asain shows lately, which is nice. Finished Firefly which was amazing, Daybreak, watched most of Heroes as well. Now I follow: Teen Wolf, Alphas, Being Human, Supernatural (well that's been a little while), Castle (prob. my fav right now), The Walking Dead. Going to be checking out Revolution and Arrow soon.

Drama wise, I'm so behind @.@ need to catch up in so much. Anime wise, I'm a bit behind in some things, right now my anime obsession is probably Sword Art Online, Binbougami ga!, Kuroko no Basket, Arcana Famiglia, Oda Nobuna no Yabou and Hagure Yuusha no Estetica.

Video game wise: NEED TO BEAT AT LEAST ONE OF THE GAMES I'VE STARTED! ahem...so bad at finishing games, I'm at the end of so many of them, just need to beat the last boss...but stuck >.
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(no subject)

Just 48 more days until Otakon, well pre-reg. day, then Otakon is the next day. Can't wait! Super excited about it this year, going with three good friends of mine : ) Going as Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach and hopefully will be able to buy a second cosplay outfit there.

So still obsessed with The Avengers, was such a good movie, with amazing lines and action. Of course, my favorite was Loki, whom I also liked in the Thor movie as well. My favorite Avenger would have to be Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Banner (Hulk).

Got Kat Tun's Chain CD from my good friend, Eri, when she went to Japan for two weeks. She also got me a key chain of Oh-Chan (Satoshi Ohno) and Sho-Chan (Sakurai Sho) from Arashi. It made my game!

Hoping to spend some time with friends this summer, so far it's been fun getting to go to the movies with my fiance, Jon, most of the movies we like come out during the summer. ^ ^

Thinking of writing an avengers fanfic, but still trying to think of what pairing I want. A bit behind in my fanfics/rps that I do with my friends too.

Slowly getting caught up in my anime series, though getting behind in my dramas. Been keeping up with my other shows, like Teen Wolf, which is a bit of a switch with me lol.

Well, going to find a movie to watch, will write more later : )
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